Monday, 23 July 2018

Stitch diary 2018

Holiday stitching 2018.  A quick study of what was happening during my week in Pollenca.  Noisy swifts every morning and evening, juicy figs for lunch, starry halos for Santa Maria, rainbows of colours through stained glass windows and bougainvillea flowers falling on the patio.  All this interspersed with some fantastic reading, wonderful food and great company.  What more could I want?

And if you are interested, my basic stitch kit of 2 needles, 1 pair of scissors and a rats-nest of threads contained in the most perfect bag made for me by my friend Clare.

All packed and ready to go

As a child, I would practice a new technique by making something for one of my dolls or teddies.  I learned how to piece together a pattern, set sleeves, make buttonholes and worked out why trousers needed to be shaped and cut correctly.  Working on a small scale means that you need less material and it's generally a lot quicker, if a little fiddly.

One of my favourite artists and teachers is Serena Partridge, who also lives a life in miniature.  I've long admired her perfect shoes and gloves but did you know that she also started on her particular artistic path by making a set of miniature luggage?

Well as I was about to go on holiday, it seemed appropriate to make this little suitcase using faux leather but proper saddle-stitching to finish the exterior.  It's my first time using this two-needle, one-thread technique but it was remarkably satisfying.  Next time I think I would pierce the stitch holes before sewing to ensure that the line and stitches were even, but after all, that is the point of a practice piece isn't it?

Thank you to Serena for her inspiration!

Monday, 9 July 2018

Emotional Repair

My favourite mug, broken because I had too many things in the cupboard (and perhaps because I am a bit clumsy).  Repaired, not with vinegar and brown paper, but some plastic and stitch and a whole lot of love. 

It was a bit of an experiment and in my first trials, the plastic melted and curved naturally but it was a little more difficult to heat successfully.  I will have to continue my investigations.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Beach combing treasure

A family day out to the beach always results in some kind of found treasure!  Last week it was a small piece of drift wood, the spaces in between the annual rings, worn away by the action of the sea.  It reminded me of an Indian block print and so this is what I did with it.  Perhaps it needs some Kantha stitching......