Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Lost in the Landscape

I'm working on a wall hanging for a converted barn. Looking for inspiration I gaze out of my window at Haworth and the surrounding Pennine fells. Mostly when I look out I am checking the weather but when I really open my eyes I see an ever-changing landscape of textures and colours: dark peaty browns, lush mossy greens, the yellow ochre of lichens and the vibrant purples of bilberries and heather.

I notice how the dry stone walls define and shape the land. These 500 year old monuments provide a tangible link with our predecessors and much needed shelter for a myriad of creatures and plants living there today.

This will be my starting point.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Fruitful ideas

Wondering what I've been doing since January? Well here it is..... The Bilberry Tree is the name that my friend Helen and I have given our new creative partnership.
We want to share the fun we have making fabulous goodies and gifts with the rest of you. Craft parties are our thing... get together with your best friends and have a day making, sewing, cooking. It's much better for you than a spa day!
Why not take a look at our web site www.bilberrytree.co.uk. We're also teaching workshops at Texere Yarns for more details go to www.texeretribe.co.uk.