Monday, 28 September 2015

Fields of green

It's been a weekend of sheep and other woolly critters this weekend at the fabulous Yarndale event in Skipton. 

I made this little picture for Skipton Embroiderers' Guild stand where they created a continuous wall depicting lots of sheep and fields of green. We were hoping to inspire people to take up stitching again by showing the diversity of styles and skills of guild members.

Mine is a bit of a cheat with a piece of map copied onto calico and layers of sheer fabrics to make the sky and hills. I still couldn't capture the view as I left the show on Saturday evening with the sun setting over the hills. Magical!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Pearly white

A simple collection of vintage mother-of-pearl buttons stitched onto linen. Made in celebration of my wedding anniversary, 21st September.

Each button has it's own unique colour and lustre.  I bought most of them from the lovely ladies who trade as Lolly and Win but I didn't have quite enough so I added a few little gems from my inheritance (Gradma's button tin). 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Small colour, big impact

The lovely Pennine hills turn purple in August (and September since we're a little late this year). It's all thanks to the tiny little flowers of the moorland heather. The effect is stunning! 

The landscape transforms from a bleak no-mans-land into a carpet of bouncy purple shrubs.  The best time to see it is in the late evening sunshine when the hills appear to glow - it makes my heart sing!