Friday, 15 January 2010

My Creative Roots

A number of things have happened recently that have set me thinking about my creative roots. Firstly my friend and creative partner, Helen wrote a moving piece in her blog about her mother's hands and of all the skills that she has taught her. More recently, my local branch of the Embroiderer's Guild challenged members to search for some textile-related family heirloom so I started digging around in various boxes and bags that I have inherited from both my mother and paternal grandmother. Amongst the collections of buttons, safety pins and assorted needles, I found some vintage lace rescued by my grandma and some hand turned straps left over from my wedding dress that had been made with love and skill by my mother. I felt an intense connection with both women who had taught me so much.

So when I was asked to design and make a wall hanging for a home with a very strong sense of family my thoughts immediately turned to my own family and how they have influenced and supported me on my creative journey.

My family have strong tradition of craft skills: cabinet maker, upholsterer, seamstress, engineer. From them I have been imbued with a love of making things with my hands, a curiosity for unusual materials and desire to create beautiful objects. These people have taught me, encouraged me and allowed me the freedom to make my own choices.

Follow my journey as I explore these themes and see where they lead me.