Monday, 7 December 2009

Patience, Practice and Perfectionism

I have enrolled on a course to learn more about machine embroidery. It's very satisfying to begin to take control of my sewing machine when I couldn't even make a button hole before! I have been practising my new-found skills by making a sketch book cover. I thought that some nice paisley motifs in patterned silk and crystal organza would be perfect on the warm green silk I had chosen.

However, my ideas did not match my skill and it took several attempts to get the right combination of patterns. I was so focused on my embroidery that I forgot to check what had happened to the main fabric - disaster! I realised that I had appliqued several layers of silk together. When I finally unpicked the last of the little loops and swirls that I had so carefully embroidered I realised that the foundation layer was damaged beyond repair. To add insult to injury, my newly repaired and serviced sewing machine decided to leave some irritating drops of oil on my work.

Thankfully a resourceful friend came to my rescue when she suggested adding some pretty ribbon to disguise the small holes and water marks.

My sketch book cover is complete and, whilst not quite perfect, it is still very pretty.