Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Red banana

I'm on holiday and enjoying not only a change in weather but also colours. Everything is so bright

I'm watching a banana grow, almost by the hour. Each day a purple leaf unfurls from the flower to reveal another hand of emergent bananas. These leaves are discarded daily by the plant and as they dry in the sun, the skin wrinkles, taking on a leathery appearance.  I have recorded my red banana leaf as a monochrome series of dots and dashes. A kind of banana bar code if you will. 

Pea green (or lilac or mauve or pink or cerise)

The beauty of sweet peas!  The delicate, paper-like flowers.  Their heavenly scent. A seasonal and sadly, short-lived joy.

I'm afraid I'm unable to grow sweet peas in my wind-blown garden but this bunch of loveliness was given to me by my friend Charlotte.  What treasure!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Red not white

A few weeks ago I met up with a group of sewing friends to try some contemporary crewel work, inspired by Katherine Shaughnessy's book, The New Crewel.  The book is full of beautiful designs which are based on small squares and so they're easy to complete in an afternoon.  I also like the boldness of working with wool threads, they'd quite forgiving!

I tried my hand at a sampler block.  The original idea was inspired by whitework and should have been worked on white or ecru linen with white threads.  I kept the monchrome theme but chose to work on a piece of claret coloured linen using deep pink wool to pick out the patterns.  Like all samplers, this was a learning exercise and there were several stitches that were new to me.  I especially liked spiderweb stitch and square filling stitch but my satin and soft shading stitches leave a lot to be desired! 

Since we are now at nearing the end of the school year, I think my end of term report would be along the lines of "could try harder".