Friday, 8 February 2019

Samples for the consideration of Lady Makins


Finished at last!  For the last two and a half months I have been wrestling with ideas for the new Gifted Exhibition that Textila 3 are showing at Gawthorpe Hall.

The inspiration part was easy, I was immediately drawn to a beautiful cream silk bodice with iris embellishment that belonged to Lady Makins and was donated by the Parish family.  Through conversations with the curatorial team at Gawthorpe Textile Collection, I learned that similar dresses would be worn only a few times before they were discarded or more probably, re-worked.  An early take on the concept of disposable fashion.

I used the iris motif to create my own stencils for devore printing.  I printed 3 different types of silk-viscose fabrics which could be offered to Lady Makins to make an alternative dress.

Presenting these as a mood board, allows the viewer to see my inspiration and design development from raised-work flower to printed fabric and contemporary interpretation of the iris embellishment using simple wire shapes.