Monday, 27 February 2012

Linear Stitching 1

I have recently discovered the joy of linear stitching. I find that I can loose myself in these simple repetitive stitches, giving myself time to think and to reflect on the shapes I am creating. This revelation came about thanks to an exhibition of Lyn Setterington's work at Gallery Oldham last year. Lyn has studied the Kantha quilting traditions of Bangladesh and has created her own stunning interpretations of the style. I loved the simplicity and clarity of her work.

My own felted book cover shows influences of the the lino cut prints of Angie Lewin. The simple running stitch gives a feeling of movement to the sky.

Getting bolder, my next piece of work was an
Olympic-themed postcard representing Mexico for Skipton Embroiderer's Guild. I chose some bright, red-hot chilies (my favourite cooking ingredient!) and stitched them in chain stitch. Working in sections I was able to create a 3-dimensional effect.

Design & photos copyright: Claire Ketteman