Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sold out?

Its a bit of a guilty secret but I have taken time out from my artistic practice to jump on the whole cutesy owl band wagon.  I will plead mitigating circumstances and it was for a very good cause!

A few weeks ago, my friend Chrissie and I were asked to help at a Christmas Fayre to raise money for our local Sue Ryder hospice where we both volunteer.  Some generous soul gave us heaps of  fabric.  Now like most crafts people we are suckers for bits of fabric and embellishments so we set about making up little craft packs of lovely fabric, buttons, ribbons and bits.  As we were making them, we thought it we might sell a few more if we had some projects for people to make with the packs.  So I found myself, at 10 o'clock the night before the Fayre, still writing instructions for how to make my little friend.

Have I sold out to popular culture?  Maybe, but we did sell a lot of fabric and quite a few patterns!

P.S.  Let me know if you would like a pattern!

Photo and design:  Claire Ketteman