Saturday, 24 May 2014

Rabbit catcher

Meet Binks the rabbit catcher!  He's small and has almost perfectly symmetrical markings. He found us on a snowy Boxing Day two years ago and hasn't left since.  He loves the dog but the feeling is not reciprocated - cats have claws and teeth and a dog's nose is a sensitive instrument! 

Binks (or rather this picture of him) is going to St Gemma's hospice in Leeds for their Secret Art Project.  It's a great idea to raise money and they are aiming to reach £100,000.  The designs will be listed on eBay along with some others created by celebrities.  Everyone's name will be listed but who has created each piece will remain a secret.  I'm hoping that someone will like him enough to buy him.  St Gemma's provides fantastic care for people with terminal illnesses and 100% of the proceeds go directly to caring for patients.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Goose grass

Goose grass?  Yes, the sticky weed that clogs up borders and scrambles over walls.  But apart from being a bit of a thug in the garden it's actually a very pretty little plant with delicate whorls of leaves and tiny white flowers that become sticky seed balls in the late summer.

I've been making a scarf as a birthday present for my friend Louise.  I thought this would remind her of summer walks with her dogs.  I have printed a tangled motif of goose grass on silk viscose georgette and then applied devore paste to reveal a border of blades of grass.  The patterns were cut in paper and screen printed with a bit of kitchen chemistry.  I should make more time for printing!