Monday, 13 June 2011

Out of the Doldrums

It is nearly a year since I last posted on this blog and I have been lost in the artistic equivalent of the Doldrums. Having designed my wall hanging by means of this paper collage, I was unable to make my vision happen. I wanted to use sumptuous fabrics and bold colours but everything looked clumsy and contrived; my head and my fingers were not in tune!

Thankfully I discovered print artist Dionne Swift and enrolled on her Workshop Wednesday courses which started last October. Not only does Dionne teach printing and devore (her personal passion) but she is also a fantastic business mentor. She quickly identified what was holding me back and with her support and encouragement I have finally created a wall hanging that I love.

Wall to Wall is a contemporary wall hanging inspired by the Pennine landscape and the dry-stone walls that define its character. Each stone is a small yet integral part of the landscape and its vista, providing both purpose and aesthete, connecting the near to the distant. A patchwork of layers is formed by the receding hills and escarpments which are brought into vivid relief by sunlight or cloud. The colour palette combines earthy moorland tones with the vibrant intensity produced by the flora and natural luminosity.

This piece is constructed from a number of fabrics, every one selected for its texture and surface qualities. The fabrics have been hand-dyed and each section of fabric has taken the dye in a slightly different way, giving natural pattern and interest. Finally a representation of a stone wall has been printed all over the hanging using discharge paste.

Design and photos copyright Claire Ketteman