Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A bit of fun

Continuing my last blog post here are two more ideas for simple stitched pictures.

It uses the ever-so-versatile Bondaweb appliqué technique with some simple stitches in bright contrasting colours.  Both projects will be available at free workshops on Saturday 5th and 12th April at Craven Museum and Gallery, Skipton, 10:00-12:30.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Simple stitches

I've been trying to devise a simple, fun and quick example for a forthcoming workshop.  It has to be easy enough for beginners yet flexible enough that with a few tweaks it could challenge a more competent learner.  Oh and completed within around an hour.  Not too much to ask then....

Using a basic outline of a sheep (well this workshop will take place in the Yorkshire Dales) I worked spirals in different stitches, a kind of sampler if you will.  It's a bit busy so I repeated the process using just a running stitch and variegated thread.  This was easier but the lighter colours of the thread were lost on the pale background.

I took them to my sewing group this afternoon for some critical appraisal and after discussion, both designs found favour, but we decided they needed to be scaled up so they would be less fiddley to stitch.  

The workshops will be held on 5 and 12 April at Craven Museum and Gallery at Skipton Town Hall as part of the Skipton Embroiderers' Guild exhibition.  They are free and open to all ages and will run from 10:00-12:30. 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Laughing with the lapwings

The return of the lapwings heralds the start of spring for me.  These crazy birds spend their days practising ariel acrobatics over the fields, showing their delight with a chorus of whoops and whistles accompanied by the rhythmic beating of their wings.  It's quite show and always brings a smile to my face.

I tried drawing with biro this week.  It requires rather more detail and care than I usually invest in my work but it works well for this study because the fine lines mimic the combs of the feathers.  The downside is that the monochrome palette hides the glorious rainbow of colours that are found on their wings: iridescent blue, purple, green and red.