Sunday, 25 November 2018


In September, I set the Haworth Stitch Group a challenge to make a scarf using fine cotton cheesecloth and appliqued shapes.  This group of talented and creative ladies have surpassed my expectations to produce the most wonderful work.  Here is Liz's scarf.  She used a series of interconnecting circles to create a pattern and then stitched over them with split stitch and chain stitch.  The effect is stunning!


A lovely workshop with Textilia 3 group and led by guest tutor Hannah Lamb, brought a sense of order to my Auntie Jean's sewing box.  Disparate objects found at the bottom of the box have been attached to dark linen with various decorative stitches. 

Sleepy Reindeer

The latest addition to this year's Christmas decorations:  a sleepy reindeer embellished with folk art stitches.  My new go-to stitch is whipped chain.  You can see it here looking like a green and white candy cane.  Lay the chain stitch down in green and then whip each stitch with white.  Simple!